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The collections of FR-One offer a diverse range of fabric textures and designs, meeting the needs of most interior furnishing projects.



    One standard that meets all, FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics meet the most demanding fire standards world-wide. FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics are one of the only decorative fabrics in the world that are certified as module E under the Maritime Equipment Directive and are approved by the US coastguard.



    FR-One is committed to combining technical excellence with quality and design, providing both inspiration and peace of mind to interior enthusiasts. Discover FR-One’s decorative drapery collections of fabulous sheers and dim-out qualities, as well as our wide selection of beautiful upholstery and multi-purpose fabrics, all of which are constantly and rigorously tested providing the ultimate guarantee for style, safety, and quality.


    FR-One Fire Retardant Fabrics presents an extensive variety of FR fabric collections giving the user an expansive choice of thousands of designs and colours which can be transformed into countless interior atmospheres, covering a wide range of budgets. From chenille and velour sofa fabrics to beautiful damask and patterned sheer curtain fabrics, FR-One’s trendsetting collections will create applications that guarantee safety and durability in a wide range of environments: residential, hotels, hospitality, offices, commercial, cruise ships and public buildings.



    The FR-One label certifies that a fabric is inherently and permanently Fire Retardant (IFR). This verifies that the fabric received no topical chemical Fire-Retardant after-treatment, it is the actual fiber that is produced Fire-Retardant at molecular level ensuring its neutrality, longevity and permanency. FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics are the gold-standard for FR safety.

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